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Promoting and Advocating for Government Primary Schools

AGPPA Discussion Papers

As part of AGPPA’s commitment to advocate for and promote Public Primary Schools, AGPPA produces comprehensive discussion papers that deliver an informed and considered response to topical issues. We use these discussion papers to present a uniform and powerful position to the Government to inspire real change on behalf of Government Primary Schools.

1 Discussion Paper: GONSKI Review of Funding for Schooling: National Education Resourcing Agreement - Unfinished Business - Nov 2015
2 AGPPA Discussion Paper : School Autonomy
3 Report: Exploring the Public Purposes of Education in Australian Primary Schools (November 2011)
4 Discussion Paper: Online Diagnostic Tools (June 2011)
5 Discussion Paper: Empowering Local Schools (June 2011)


Strategic Plan

Promoting and Advocating for Public Primary Schools

AGPPA's Strategic Plan is now available. Click here to download the PDF file.

This strategic plan will guide AGPPA's directions and activities into the future.